At Thanksgiving this year, let’s talk about what matters

By Erik Fromme For many, a conversation about what would matter most if they became seriously ill seems like an uncomfortable topic. And yet, now that Americans are more polarized than at any time since the Civil War era, now that serious illness is a daily news headline, and now that our need to feel… Continue reading At Thanksgiving this year, let’s talk about what matters

What Matters to Me Workbook

Developed in collaboration with The Conversation Project, the What Matters to Me Workbook is designed to help people with a serious illness get ready to talk to their health care team (doctor, nurse, social worker, etc.) about what is most important to them.

Virtual Conference
IHI Forum 2021
1:00 pm
A Q&A with Namita Seth Mohta, Director of the Serious Illness Care Program

Namita Seth Mohta, MD, director of the Serious Illness Care Program discusses her journey, experience, and vision for the program.

Sep 29 2021
Stanford Medicine: The Importance of Difficult Conversations: Implementing the Serious Illness Care Program

Clinicians at Stanford discuss their experiences with the Serious Illness Care Program and share powerful stories of patient care.

Sep 2 2021

The Serious Illness Care Program partners with foundations, health care systems, and organizations with mission alignment. These partnerships allow for innovation, testing and dissemination of our tools, curriculum design, and other educational offerings and systems change elements. Ways to partner and collaborate with us: Bring the program to your organization We develop partnerships with leaders… Continue reading PARTNER WITH US

Tools for Health Systems

Tools and resources for health care systems to create an enabling environment for those with serious illnesses.

Tools for Patients and Caregivers

Our resources can guide you in sharing your wishes with people important to you.

Tools for Clinicians

Download the Serious Illness Conversation Guide and join our community of practice.