Atlas Initiative launches to guide successful implementation of improvement projects

In an effort to more effectively and efficiently scale healthcare innovations in the U.S., Ariadne Labs has partnered with the Peterson Center on Healthcare on a new initiative to research factors that drive adoption of healthcare innovations.

Through this 18-month project, the Atlas Initiative, researchers will test the feasibility of a comprehensive context-assessment tool that has been designed to identify factors that can impact implementation outcomes. Ariadne Labs will concurrently design and test a data repository to track contextual factors and implementation outcomes in order to determine which factors have the greatest impact on outcomes. Researchers hope that healthcare stakeholders can be more effective as they scale proven innovations more broadly when they have a better understanding of how to select, adapt, and support healthcare innovations across diverse environments.

“Scaling high-impact innovations to drive better outcomes at lower cost is critical for America’s healthcare system, and the health and well-being of our citizens,” said Jay Want, Executive Director of the Peterson Center on Healthcare. “Using a new approach, the Center and Ariadne Labs have teamed up to research what drives the successful implementation of new innovations, so that the most effective treatments and technologies can rapidly and effectively reach the patients who need them. Improving the quality of care and reducing unnecessary healthcare costs depends on our ability to replicate proven, high-impact innovations across the healthcare system and this project will fill a major gap in our understanding.”

Leading the project at Ariadne Labs is Natalie Henrich, PhD, MPH, Senior Scientist, Science and Technology Platform.

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