BetterBirth team shares results at RCOG scientific conference

The BetterBirth team announced the findings of its childbirth quality-of-care research trial to the scientific community gathered at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists World Congress in Cape Town in March.

The gathering of more than 2,500 maternal health clinicians and academics from around the world offered a first look into the data of this study, the largest of its kind ever conducted in public health.  The trial was measuring the impact of using WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist paired with peer-to-peer coaching and data feedback during childbirth in primary care facilities in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Ariadne Labs Executive Director Dr. Atul Gawande delivered a keynote address at RCOG on how checklists can lead to better outcomes in medicine, from surgery to childbirth. Gawande is one of the main authors of the WHO’s Surgical Safety Checklist and Safe Childbirth Checklist, as well as a co-primary investigator of the BetterBirth trial.

The BetterBirth plenary session was moderated by renowned maternal health expert Dr. Frances Donnay and included BetterBirth Director Katherine Semrau, representatives from the BetterBirth partner organizations, Population Services International and the Community Empowerment Lab. Dr. Leonard Kabongo of Namibia offered his perspective on using the Safe Childbirth Checklist at his district hospital in Gobabis.

Watch the full keynote and plenary sessions: