Faculty Invited to Submit Applications for Ariadne Labs Spark Grant

Faculty Invited to Submit Applications for Ariadne Labs Spark Grant

The next great idea to improve health and well-being for all is often waiting on the edges of health care, beyond the spotlight of flashier approaches. These are not necessarily new drugs or technologies, but rather innovations that change how health care should be delivered. Yet early stage funding for untested ideas, approaches or solutions to address these failures is limited.

The Spark Grant program at Ariadne Labs is our response to lower the barrier to innovators working in the field now. Spark Grants provide early stage funding for faculty innovators to explore new, untested approaches to delivering better care.

“We are really excited about the Spark Grant program,” said Dr. Evan Benjamin, Ariadne’s chief medical officer. “The projects reflect Ariadne’s mission of bringing better care to patients everywhere in the world and are truly innovative approaches to doing just that.”

The Ariadne Labs Spark Grants program is unlike typical grants where researchers receive the dollars to work independently on their projects. Ariadne Labs supports the researcher through the duration of the work, providing the resources, expertise and experience of Ariadne’s platforms. Ariadne and the researcher work toward a solution together.

Spark Grants are funded through Ariadne Labs and a new grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. This year, the Allen grant enables Ariadne to increase the number of recipients. Projects are chosen based on clarity, potential impact, feasibility and leadership.

The next round of Spark Grant applications is currently open. Ariadne Labs associate faculty with an idea for a new intervention or capacity, please submit a one-page Letter of Interest to sparkgrants@ariadnelabs.org by Friday, June 1st at 12pm.

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