Ariadne Labs’ Community Meeting: Health System Innovation in the Time of COVID-19

June 11, 2020 / 4:00 – 5:30 pm EDT

Welcome from Asaf Bitton 4:00 pm
Welcome from Evan Benjamin4:05 pm
Speaker 1: Amie Shao
Redesigning Hospital Spaces on the Fly to Protect Healthcare Workers
4:11 pm
Speaker 2: Joyce Edmonds & Maureen Farrell
Nursing Insight and COVID-19
4:18 pm
Speaker 3: Ravi Kavasery
How the largest FQHC in America Navigated COVID to Address Health Equity
4:25 pm
Speaker 4: Justin Sanders
The Serious Illness Care Program’s COVID-19 Toolkit – A Rapid Response to an Evolving Pandemic
4:32 pm
Speaker 5: Lauren Kennedy-Metz 
Development of a COVID-19 Cognitive Aid to Support Operating Room Personnel
4:39 pm
Speaker 6: Mary Brindle
Managing and Navigating Safe Systems Through COVID-19
Stretch and Bio Break – Transition by Evan Benjamin4:52
Speaker 7: June-Ho Kim
Global Learnings in Adapting Health Systems for Pandemic Response
4:53 pm
Speaker 8: Richard Gitomer
Brigham Primary Care in the Time of COVID
Speaker 9: Shahed Alam
Supporting Health at Home: Implementing a rapid learning-driven COVID-19 health facility + community training program
Speaker 10: Jay Want 
What I Did On My Spring Break: Building A Way For Colorado To Re-open In 35 Days
Closing Remarks from Evan Benjamin5:21