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Atul Gawande to Caltech graduates: Science is not a major, it’s a commitment to a way of thinking

Ariadne Labs Executive Director Dr. Atul Gawande delivered the 2016 Commencement address at the California Institute of Technology June 10, telling graduates that as the newest member of the scientific community they “also inherit a role in explaining it and helping it reclaim territory of trust at a time when that territory has been shrinking.” In his […]

Supportive coaching and collaborative learning: A scalable solution for improving quality in ambulatory surgery centers

By Emily George, RN, BSN, MPH In the past three decades in the United States, there has been a significant shift in surgical volume from inpatient to outpatient settings, including both hospital outpatient departments and free-standing Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). As this trend became more visible, Ariadne Labs partnered with Agency for Healthcare Research and […]

New Safe Surgery Checklist Implementation Guide offers a practical framework for success with the Safe Surgery Checklist

Ariadne Labs’ most established and well-recognized work has been improving the safety of surgery worldwide with the Safe Surgery Checklist. Developed with the World Health Organization and now used in some 50 million of 300 million operations performed globally, the checklist has been shown to reduce surgical complications and mortality by 18 to 47 percent. […]

Redesigned Serious Illness Conversation Guide supports more, better and earlier conversations about what matters most

Ariadne Labs recently released a streamlined and redesigned Conversation Guide, the centerpiece of our Serious Illness Care Program. Serious Illness Care Program Director Dr. Susan Block shared some insights and background about the purpose of the guide and its redesign. Q: What is the Serious Illness Conversation Guide? A.: The Serious Illness Care Program supports […]

Medicare payment for end-of-life care signals a first step – we can do more for those with serious illness

By Joanna Paladino, MD and Justin Sanders, MD Systematic deficiencies in how we care for those with serious illness in our country are increasingly evident, to doctors, patients, and their families. After decades of stops and starts, policy makers have finally recognized the importance of federal action to increase conversations about end-of-life wishes as a […]