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Serious Illness Care Program COVID-19 Response Toolkit

Conversations between patients and clinicians about what matters most lead to higher quality care and improved quality of life for patients and those who care for them. The COVID-19 pandemic makes communication both more difficult and more important than ever, particularly for people who are at highest risk of becoming very sick. 

Ariadne Labs’ Serious Illness Care Program developed a COVID-19 Response Toolkit to support health systems and clinicians in addressing the communication needs of patients in the community and those in the hospital. The toolkit also includes resources for patients to begin having these conversations with people they trust within their support networks.

The toolkit includes:

Inpatient Resources
Outpatient Resources
Patient Resources

Inpatient Resources:

COVID-19 Conversation Guide for Inpatient Care

This guide will help clinicians speak with patients in inpatient settings who are hospitalized with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 about their priorities for their care.

Outpatient Resources:

COVID-19 Conversation Guide for Outpatient Care

The guide will help clinicians engage in compassionate conversations with high-risk patients about how they can best protect themselves and help them understand what matters most to each patient in the context of COVID-19. The COVID-19 Conversation Guide for Outpatient Care is also available in French and Mandarin, please inquire at seriousillnesscare@ariadnelabs.org

Review the simulated demonstration video below:

Telehealth Communication Tips

Due to the circumstances, clinicians and patients are utilizing telecommunication tools that can may challenge their normal practices. These tips can support clinicians having serious illness conversations virtually.

Recommendation Aid

This aid provides a framework to create holistic recommendations after a conversation with a patient who has underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk of severe complications of COVID-19, should they contract it.

Care Planning Resources

This customizable resource guide will help clinicians connect patients with needed support services.

Patient Resources:

Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19

With generous support from the Cambia Health Foundation, Ariadne Labs and The Conversation Project have developed a patient-facing guide on Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19. This tool can help people take action and be prepared for the pandemic.

We encourage adaptation of the guides to local context, for editable versions of these tools, please inquire at seriousillnesscare@ariadnelabs.org