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In public health we believe we cannot fix what we cannot see, and we cannot see what we do not measure.

Our hope is to lend strength to the mounting stories of birthing people struggling to thrive where they live, and generate momentum for locally actionable solutions. 

The Cities Challenge, funded by Merck for Mothers through the Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative, developed the Maternal Wellbeing City Dashboard to provide a focused, visual display of the most important information to help maternal health advocates obtain accountability for results and track progress toward communities that foster the wellbeing of birthing people. Research demonstrates that the conditions in which people live and the support they receive during the perinatal period are important factors to maternal health and well-being. We believe that birthing people have a right to coordinated, respectful, anti-racist, high quality care that addresses health inequities in disease burden and geographies of opportunity. 

Working with a growing network of partners, we aim to drive policy and investments in maternal health and wellbeing in the communities where we live through curated data and storytelling. The Cities Challenge was launched in 2019, and our team is presently collaborating with city stakeholders, experts, advocates and investors to improve and scale the Maternal Wellbeing City Dashboard to advance our vision of leveraging key local public and private institutions to measurably improve the wellbeing of mothers and families in their communities. 

Read more about the development and testing of the Maternal Wellbeing City Dashboard and check out the prototype dashboards for New York City, Pittsburgh, and Tulsa.

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Read our white paper to learn more about the design and testing of the Maternal Wellbeing City Dashboard.

Read a case study on Tulsa or Pittsburgh.

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