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The wellbeing of people who give birth is vital to the wellbeing of our communities as whole. How are your local policies supporting birthing people and families?

What local dashboard users are saying:

“It was useful for my staff and for me to reference the dashboard for local data and it was also useful for being able to share … information that isn’t normally consolidated in one location.”

– Elected Official

The Maternal Wellbeing City Dashboard provides data and narratives to help you identify which maternal health priorities may have the greatest impact to improve birth equity in your city. These data can also help you obtain accountability for results, and track progress toward achieving equitable wellbeing for all.

The use cases below provide examples for how you could use the dashboard from your position as Local Legislators and Staff. One of the most important values of the dashboard is as a tool to engage other local stakeholders about maternal health — check out how others could use the dashboard as Policy Advocates, Direct Service Provider & Nonprofits, or Civil Servants.

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How can you engage with the dashboard?

Learn about how you can use the dashboard to support birthing people in your community:

“I think that this can be a really robust tool to inform how elected officials approach policy solutions.”

– Nonprofit Staff

Answer questions from constituents about local maternal health

Share dashboard link with constituents over social media or email

  1. Save or bookmark the short link for the Maternal Wellbeing City Dashboard for future sharing 
  2. If you receive a general inquiry about maternal health in your city, share the link to the landing page. If you receive a more specific inquiry about a particular domain or topic, review the left hand tab menu to identify the issue area or domain pages that best addresses the inquiry and share the link to that page
  3. Add a personal note to encourage your constituents to explore livability for birthing people in their communities and connect in with other initiatives or programs you may be aware of or working on

Target policies across domains to impact the wellbeing of birthing people in your community

Reference dashboard to identify platform and policy priorities

  1. Review the graphic on the landing page to understand the different neighborhood and community factors affecting maternal health
  2. Use the left hand tab menu or promo cards to explore the issue area or domain pages for factors that could be priorities in your community based on the areas with the greatest inequities and opportunities for improvement in the data
  3. Validate these priorities with community members to ensure that policies meet local needs and build on community strengths

Develop platforms and coalitions that address the needs of birthing people and families in your community

Present data or visualizations from the dashboard that highlight local maternal health priorities

  1. Review the left hand tab menu or the promo cards at the bottom of the landing page to identify the issue areas or domains that align with your community health priorities
  2. Explore the most relevant domain pages for the most compelling data to make the case for your community health priorities
  3. Navigate to your domain(s) of interest and copy or download narrative, data points, visualizations, or references to support your work

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Read our white paper to learn more about the design and testing of the Maternal Wellbeing City Dashboard.

Read a case study on Tulsa or Pittsburgh.

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