COVID: Outpatient Care

Resources for patients and providers to offer guidance and best practices to ensure safe, effective outpatient care.

New York Times: Primary Care Doctors Are Left Out of the Vaccine Rollout

Dr. Asaf BItton notes the key role of primary care doctors in the effort to reach herd immunity.

Feb 10 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
BMJ: A safer world starts with strong primary healthcare

The Primary Health Care Performance Initiative’s Steering Committee pens an opinion piece on the critical role of primary health care.

Oct 26 2020
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IHI: How COVID-19 and Telehealth Have (and Haven’t) Changed What’s Next for Primary Care

Dr. Asaf Bitton talks about both the losses and the opportunities presented by COVID-19 ahead of his keynote address at the virtual IHI Primary Care Summit 2020.

Oct 19 2020
Supporting Strong Primary Health Care During the Pandemic

The Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) has developed a suite of materials and tools to support primary health care systems during the pandemic

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Health Affairs: How The Rapid Shift To Telehealth Leaves Many Community Health Centers Behind During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Reorienting the goals for implementing telehealth, policy makers, payers, and providers can empower health centers to thrive into the future and meet the nation’s underserved patients where they are

Jun 2 2020
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The Hill: Primary care doctors could be COVID-19’s next victims

Drs. Dan Schwarz and Tom Frieden on primary care during COVID-19 and the need to protect and support primary care practices nationwide.

Jun 1 2020
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WBUR: How The Pandemic Could Help Our Deadly Fight Against Stress

A commentary by Dr. Dan Henderson on the rare opportunity to recognize stress as a health problem worth treating, now and after COVID-19.

May 26 2020