George Molina

George Molina, MD, MPH is a Surgical Oncologist in the Department of Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is an Associate Faculty in the Safe Surgery/Safe Systems Program at Ariadne Labs. His research in the lab centers on using health systems innovations to improve safety, quality, and equity in surgical care. As part of… Continue reading George Molina

NEWS - Perspectives
STAT: As clinicians are redeployed for COVID-19, onboarding takes on extra importance

Susan Haas and Rachel Smith in STAT on the important role of onboarding during COVID-19 redeployments.

Aug 6 2020
Rapid Onboarding for Redeployed Clinicians: What Matters to Them? A Research Brief for System Leaders

By Susan Haas MD, MS and Rachel Smith MS, PA-C The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has led to redeployment of thousands of U.S. clinicians to treat patients using new or updated skills and practicing in unfamiliar locations of the hospital. Optimal onboarding, particularly under the stressors of limited time and high levels of fear and anxiety, is… Continue reading Rapid Onboarding for Redeployed Clinicians: What Matters to Them? A Research Brief for System Leaders

Mary Brindle

Mary Brindle is a pediatric surgeon and health systems researcher. She is the Director of the Safe Surgery/Safe Systems Program at Ariadne Labs, and the Scientific Director of the Province of Alberta Surgery Strategic Care Network as well as Professor of Surgery and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. She has helped lead… Continue reading Mary Brindle

COVID-19 Crisis Mode: Building Resilience

As COVID-19 strains the US health care system, caring for the mental health and resilience of front line health care workers is paramount especially to minimize moral injury and burnout. This guide provides strategies to help health care workers build resilience in extreme conditions by recognizing the crisis, sharing their voice, connecting with a front… Continue reading COVID-19 Crisis Mode: Building Resilience

Redesigning Hospital Spaces on the Fly to Protect Healthcare Workers

A collaboration between MASS Design Group and Ariadne Labs. Across the world urban hospitals are scrambling to convert and repurpose space on the fly. We drew from the Ebola experience in Africa, real-time insights from the epicenter of COVID in New York City, and methods from the Ariadne innovation arc, to describe how designing these spaces thoughtfully makes us all safer.

Boston Globe: To Fight Coronavirus, America Needs Leaders Who are First Followers

Safe Surgery Fellow Jason Pradarelli, MD, and Brigham & Women’s Department of Surgery chair Gerard Doherty, MD, write about leadership qualities required to address COVID-19.

Apr 8 2020