BMJ Wellbeing: Some advice on working in PPE

Mary Brindle talks about the struggles of working in PPE and the importance of communication when you can’t see colleagues’ faces on The BMJ Podcast.

Apr 8 2020
Tackling the COVID-19 Human Resource Emergency

An outline of important principles that may help organizations guide the formulation of human resource contingency plans should a surge of critically ill patients occur in your specific institution.

Tackling the COVID-19 Human Resource Emergency

INTRODUCTION The most valuable resource in combating COVID-19 are our healthcare providers. Human resource plans are urgently needed to support healthcare systems facing the expected surge in critically ill patients with the potential simultaneous shortfall of healthcare providers due to illness. Contingency plans require stewardship of both material and human resources during this healthcare emergency.… Continue reading Tackling the COVID-19 Human Resource Emergency

Christy Cauley

Christy Cauley, MD, MPH is a faculty member in the Safe Surgery Program at Ariadne Labs an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and Surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a lead investigator in HealthPrism work at Ariadne. Her currently funded research focuses on patient centered outcomes evaluation using mHealth as well as Improving… Continue reading Christy Cauley

Yves Sonnay

Yves Sonnay is the Assistant Director of Project Management, Safe Surgery/Safe Systems Program. He supports leadership to create a scalable and sustainable portfolio of work for the program that includes efforts to improve the safety, accessibility, and appropriateness of surgical care around the world. In collaboration with the Director of the Safe Surgery Program, he… Continue reading Yves Sonnay

Alex Hannenberg

Alexander Hannenberg, M.D. is a faculty member in the Safe Surgery Program at Ariadne Labs. His work has focused on the implementation of Crisis Checklists for critical event management in the operating room and beyond and development of a novel and scalable simulation training tool. He is also a founding Board Member of Lifebox USA,… Continue reading Alex Hannenberg