Christy Cauley

Christy Cauley, MD, MPH is a faculty member in the Safe Surgery Program at Ariadne Labs. Her research focuses on patient centered outcomes and utilization of surgery in patients with serious illness. She helped develop and test a communication guide to improve surgical decision-making before emergency surgical interventions in patients with serious illness through funding… Continue reading Christy Cauley

Yves Sonnay

Yves Sonnay is the Assistant Director of Project Management, Safe Surgery Program. He supports leadership to create a scalable and sustainable portfolio of work for the program that includes efforts to improve the safety, accessibility, and appropriateness of surgical care around the world. In collaboration with the Director of the Safe Surgery Program, he provides… Continue reading Yves Sonnay

Alexander Hannenberg, MD*

Alex Hannenberg plays a key role in the Safe Surgery Program at Ariadne Labs. He has been co-investigator on a project designing a toolkit to improve implementation of operating room crisis checklists and is principal investigator on a Spark project designing new, more accessible approaches to team training. Dr. Hannenberg is a past president of… Continue reading Alexander Hannenberg, MD*

William Berry, MD, MPH, MPA, FACS*

William Berry serves as the Strategic Advisor to the Chief Medical Officer and as Co-Founder of Ariadne Labs. In 2012, together with Atul Gawande, he co-founded the Labs and served as Chief Medical Officer for its first five years. For the last year, he has been the Chief Implementation Officer and created the Implementation Platform.… Continue reading William Berry, MD, MPH, MPA, FACS*