A calling to serve: Meet Ariadne’s new director for Serious Illness Care

Ariadne Labs recently welcomed Dr. Erik Fromme as the director of the Serious Illness Care Program. Fromme received his BA in psychology from the University of Virginia and MD from the University of Oklahoma. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), as well as a master’s in Clinical […]

Improving Primary Health Care in Ghana: A Strategic Meeting with Key Stakeholders in Accra

Ghana’s Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) system The Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) system in Ghana is frequently cited as an exemplar approach to service delivery and community engagement in primary health care. The CHPS initiative targets remote areas of high need to deliver cost-effective and quality primary care services to individuals and […]

New Science and Technology Officer: Ariadne is health care’s innovation lab

Nic Encina operates at the intersection of science, data, and technology and his unique expertise will now help Ariadne Labs drive new discoveries that create the biggest impact in health care Ariadne Labs recently announced that Boston innovation leader Nic Encina has joined its leadership team as the Chief Science and Technology Officer. Encina holds […]

The role of coaching in health care: Getting better at what we do

Improving safety and quality within the health care setting can be challenging and isolating. Individuals driving these quality initiatives are in great need of a supportive network to share challenges, brainstorm solutions, and/or receive guidance on specific questions around implementation. Recognizing this need, Ariadne Labs created the role of “coaches” within our organization to provide […]

Despite differences in culture, US and India fall short in childbirth in similar ways

By Dr. Neel Shah, Director of Ariadne Labs Deliver Decisions Initiative After eight years of practicing obstetrics and researching childbirth in the United States, I know as well as anyone that the American maternal health system could be better. Our way of childbirth is the costliest in the world. Our health outcomes, from mortality rates to […]

Ariadne works with local champion to bring Safe Childbirth Checklist to Rwandan hospital

In November 2016, Ariadne Labs implementation team leaders Nabihah Kara and Emily George were invited to Kigali, Rwanda by Dr. Eugene Tuyishime to provide implementation training of the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist to maternity providers at the Masaka District Hospital. During their training, they partnered with clinical leaders to customize the checklist and provided strategies […]

Creating a new language for primary health care around the world

The Ariadne Labs Primary Health Care team has been working with countries around the world on how to improve primary health care, a cornerstone of achieving universal health coverage. The team, including lead researcher Dr. Asaf Bitton, PHC Research Specialist Hannah Ratcliffe, PHC Research Assistant Emily Wendell, Program Manager Brooke Huskey and Ariadne Labs Affiliate […]

Data providing important insights into strengths and weaknesses of primary health care

Primary health care is one of the most cost-effective ways to equitably reduce morbidity and mortality and improve population health One of the most important but most neglected systems required for meeting people’s health needs is primary health care. The Ariadne Labs primary health care research team is working around the world to understand what […]