More holistic care for mothers and babies

Senior nurse Drivdi Katial credits BetterBirth with happier mothers and fewer infant deaths At the Ganj Muradabad community health center, it has been standard practiceto give every mother a labor-inducing drug at the start of labor in the belief thatit was beneficial. However, the drug was being administered long before it wasclear whether the women… Continue reading More holistic care for mothers and babies

Katherine Semrau

Katherine Semrau, PhD, MPH, is the Director of the BetterBirth Program at Ariadne Labs. As Program Director, Dr. Semrau oversees the research and execution of the BetterBirth Program which aims to improve the quality of care, minimize complications, and end the preventable deaths of women and newborns through effective implementation of evidence-based, scalable solutions at… Continue reading Katherine Semrau