New York Times: Should I Mix or Match My Booster Shot?

Dr. Asaf Bitton speaks with the New York Times on how to mix and match COVID-19 booster shots.

Oct 28 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
The Hill: We must ‘boost’ COVID vaccinations to prevent a winter surge

Rebecca Weintraub, Julia Raifman, and Benjy Renton pen opinion piece for The Hill on the need to utilize all strategies and tools, such as data-driven mask policies, rapid testing, and better indoor ventilation in our fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Oct 13 2021
The Daily Beast: Comedian Russell Brand Has Become a Powerful Voice for Anti-Vaxxers

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub speaks with The Daily Beast on the dangers of public figures sharing misinformation and the need to listen to experts.

Oct 4 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
ABC News: Vaccine mandates work, but rollout will be a bumpy road for employers: Opinion

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub, John Brownstein, Ph.D., and Benjy Renton pen opinion piece for ABC News on employer vaccine mandates.

Sep 21 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Opinion: Ga. needs great leaders now in this COVID crisis

Julie Rosenberg on the need for strong leadership to overcome partisan standoffs and prevent more illness and death.

Sep 11 2021
Boston Globe: Booster shot rollout against COVID-19 is likely to differ from the first vaccine effort

Rebecca Weintraub on the need to vaccinate the unprotected population and prevent new variants.

Aug 28 2021
CASE STUDY: COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation

The launch of a vaccine allocation tool, based on U.S. Census, and other data, helped with scenario planning so that decision makers could understand how much vaccine to send where and to which populations.

NEWS - Perspectives
National League of Cities: Identifying COVID-19 Vaccine Deserts and Implementing Interventions

Rebecca Weintraub, Mansi Kansal, and John Brownstein write on how the Vaccine Equity Planner can help local officials and public health organizations better understand and reach the communities they serve.

Aug 11 2021
The New Yorker: How the Delta Variant Is Changing the Public-Health Playbook

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub speaks with The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner on the Delta variant and describes the challenges of convincing vaccine skeptics.

Aug 3 2021