ABC News: Rise in COVID-19 infections overseas may foreshadow increase in US, experts say

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub in ABC News on what wastewater data is telling us about the current COVID-19 situation and the continued importance of vaccines and boosters.

Mar 15 2022
US News & World Report: Doctors Can Be Key to Higher COVID Vaccination Rates

Julie Rosenberg in US News & World Report on the challenges to expanding primary care’s role in the vaccination effort.

Feb 28 2022
ABC News: US hospitals strained with influx of patients amid latest COVID-19 surge, staffing shortages

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub in ABC News on the rapid spread of omicron cases and the impact on our hospitals.

Jan 10 2022
Boston Herald: ‘Unsustainable’: Boston hospitals could face ‘disaster’ as coronavirus wastewater shoots up and virus cases explode

Benjy Renton in the Boston Herald discussing how Massachusetts counties could implement short-term measures to protect hospital capacity.

Dec 26 2021
USA Today: ‘Our best defense’: Pfizer says third dose of its COVID vaccine protects against omicron, Fauci expects same from Moderna’s

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub spoke to USA Today on COVID-19 booster shot protection against the omicron variant.

Dec 9 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
ABC News: Making COVID-19 vaccinations a family affair can protect against omicron: Analysis

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub, Benjy Renton, and Dr. John Brownstein latest perspective piece in ABC news on the need for family-oriented vaccine delivery strategies.

Dec 3 2021
AARP Coronavirus Tele-Town Halls: Boosters, Health & Wellness

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub joined an AARP panel to discuss the latest on COVID-19 boosters and health.

Nov 4 2021
Digital Game from USAID and TechChange Teaches Health Managers to Navigate Challenges of a Global Pandemic

By Merrick Schaefer, Julie Rosenberg, Iman Ahmad, Ariel Frankel, and Rebecca Weintraub The Ministry of Health just established the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force to get the entire population of your country vaccinated as efficiently and equitably as possible. You are being brought on to develop a strategy and manage the roll out and scale up… Continue reading Digital Game from USAID and TechChange Teaches Health Managers to Navigate Challenges of a Global Pandemic

NEWS - Perspectives
The Commonwealth Fund: Five Priorities for States to Support Pediatric Practices in Delivering COVID-19 Vaccines to Children

Julie Rosenberg and Dr. Rebecca Weintraub and colleagues from The Commonwealth Fund co-author opinion piece on how pediatricians will be key to vaccinating young children against COVID-19 when they become eligible.

Oct 29 2021