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Boston Globe: For a safe return to school, children must be vaccinated

Rebecca Weintraub, Benjy Renton, and Georges C. Benjamin pen a perspective in the Boston Globe on the need to vaccinate children ahead of the school year.

Jul 29 2021
Advisory Board: 80 million American adults are still unvaccinated—here’s why, and how to reach them.

Rebecca Weintraub, MD, Director of Vaccine Delivery, recommended that primary care physicians treat vaccination like a “family event.” when vaccines become available to younger children.

Jul 21 2021
National Press Foundation: Two New Tools for Reporting on Vaccine Access and Information Needs

The National Press Foundation featured the Vaccine Equity Planner, launched by Ariadne Labs, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Google as a tool for reporters. “Geographic access still matters,” said Rebecca Weintraub MD, Director of Vaccine Delivery at Ariadne Labs.

Jul 15 2021
Forbes: How Well Does The Pfizer Vaccine Protect Against The Delta Variant? Here’s What We Know

Rebecca Weintraub, MD, Director of Vaccine Delivery at Ariadne Labs, commented on possible discrepancies in study data about the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness against the Delta variant of COVID-19.

Jul 13 2021
Deseret News: COVID-19 vaccine deserts: What are they and why are they so dangerous?

The Deseret News reported on the Vaccine Equity Planner, noting that with the delta variant spreading, vaccine deserts are becoming increasingly worrisome.

Vaccine Delivery

Supporting systems to deliver vaccines with speed, scale, and equity as supply and demand shift over time.

MedPage Today: Patients Want COVID Shot From Their Primary Care Docs

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub on vaccine deserts and vaccination as a “family event.”

Jul 8 2021
Reuters: Not taking it: Remote West Texas COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy plain to see

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub on the key role of local physicians and leaders in reducing vaccine hesitancy.

Jun 25 2021
News Channel 5: The future of COVID-19: What can we expect over the next six months?

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub on herd immunity and hospitalizations in the months to come.

Jun 24 2021
Jackson Free Press: New Tool Helping Identify Vaccine Deserts Across Mississippi As Variants Loom

In a June 23 video press conference, Director of the Mississippi Office of Health Protection Jim Craig shares the Vaccine Equity Planner, created by Ariadne Labs, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Google.