Reuters: Not taking it: Remote West Texas COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy plain to see

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub on the key role of local physicians and leaders in reducing vaccine hesitancy.

Jun 25 2021
News Channel 5: The future of COVID-19: What can we expect over the next six months?

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub on herd immunity and hospitalizations in the months to come.

Jun 24 2021
Jackson Free Press: New Tool Helping Identify Vaccine Deserts Across Mississippi As Variants Loom

In a June 23 video press conference, Director of the Mississippi Office of Health Protection Jim Craig shares the Vaccine Equity Planner, created by Ariadne Labs, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Google.

New York Times: Vaccinate the World

To create herd immunity, about 11 billion COVID-19 shots are needed to vaccinate 70 percent of the world’s population. Rebecca Weintraub suggests G7, the group of leading economies, band together for a campaign and finance it.

Jun 11 2021