Lauren Bobanski

Lauren Bobanski, MPH is a Project Manager on the BetterBirth team supporting a portfolio of projects. When Lauren joined Ariadne Labs four years ago she worked on the BetterBirth trial testing the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in Uttar Pradesh India. Following the study completion Lauren’s primary role is to sheppard projects born out of the… Continue reading Lauren Bobanski

Rose Molina

Rose L. Molina, MD, MPH is Core Faculty at Ariadne Labs and works with the BetterBirth Program and the Delivery Decisions Initiative to design, test, and spread solutions to ensure that everyone receives appropriate, safe, and respectful care during pregnancy, childbirth, and transition to parenthood with a focus on equity and social justice. Her current… Continue reading Rose Molina

Lisa Bokuniewicz

Lisa Bokuniewicz provides recruiting, talent, and onboarding support for all of the programs at Ariadne Labs.  She co-leads the Summer Internship program and manages the critical back office functions of the Talent Team that keep Ariadne Labs HR Operations running smoothly. Prior to joining Ariadne Labs, Lisa worked at the Massachusetts General Hospital for seven… Continue reading Lisa Bokuniewicz

Christine Nganga

Christine Nganga, MBA is the Accounting Manager on the Finance team at Ariadne Labs. Christine manages operational accounting for the Lab. In this role, she is responsible for payments, reimbursements, corporate cards, contracting and ensures that transactions comply with organizational processes and policies.

Rebecca Robert

Rebecca Robert is a Development and Communications Coordinator at Ariadne Labs. In this role, she provides support to the Director of Development and the External Relations Manager on various tasks, and assists with multiple fundraising assignments.

Sharelle Davis

Sharelle Davis is the Senior Operations and Talent Coordinator for Ariadne Labs. She works closely with the Operations Team and Talent Team to maintain both front line and behind the scenes support of Ariadne Labs’ platforms and programs. Sharelle is responsible for managing and organizing onboarding steps for all new hires and leads the Ariadne Society… Continue reading Sharelle Davis

Shreyas Srinath

Shreyas Srinath, MS, is the Systems Architect at Ariadne Labs. He joins the Science & Technology Platform team to Design, develop and maintain scalable applications, data, and infrastructure to serve across multiple projects.

Raffaella Sadun

Raffaella Sadun, PhD, MSc, is a Spark Grantee of Ariadne Labs and is focusing her research on the relationship between economics of productivity, management, and organizational change in hospitals.

Jim Sachetta

Jim Sachetta, ALM, is the Digital Strategist on the Communications Team.  In this role, Jim is responsible for developing and executing comprehensive digital strategies that align with the Lab’s goals and objectives, as well as overseeing the implementation of these strategies across various channels and platforms. Jim also manages Ariadne Labs’ website portfolio, digital channels,… Continue reading Jim Sachetta

Jo Paladino

Jo Paladino, MD is a Palliative Care physician on faculty at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Ariadne Labs. Jo earned her B.A. from Boston University and M.D from Weill Medical College of Cornell University.  In her current role, Jo coordinates the implementation efforts for the Serious Illness Care randomized trial in ten disease centers and… Continue reading Jo Paladino