The PACT Collaborative

Participation in the PACT Collaborative provides innovative tools, robust measurement strategies, as-needed technical assistance, active coaching by key faculty, and targeted systems change.

Why Join the PACT Collaborative

Many organizations have begun to explore implementation of harm response programs (like CANDOR or Communication and Resolution Programs), but the PACT Collaborative goes far beyond the trainings that organizations have previously undertaken, featuring new tools and resources, metrics, individualized learning from core faculty, and shared learning among peers.

PACT will help organizations move from a disjointed and inconsistent response to harm events to a a highly reliable process for responding to patient harm that supports the needs of all involved.

PACT Participants will:

  • Participate in dynamic, interactive learning sessions providing best practices and implementation guidance 
  • Receive support and coaching from nationally recognized expert faculty 
  • Access innovative new tools to support each stage of your process 
  • Tap into the wisdom of your peers as they share implementation experiences, challenges, and solutions
  • Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your program using measurement tools to ensure that your processes are truly hardwired

Participating in PACT during the Covid Pandemic was both a litmus test for our commitment to this work and ballast for it.  I am confident that PACT helped our organization move the dial on this work during one of the most challenging times in healthcare.

-Frank Korn, RN, MBA, CPPS, CPHRM, Director of Risk Management, Dartmouth-Hitchcock

The PACT Collaborative centers Accountability, Compassion, and Transparency throughout the curriculum. As a participant in this Collaborative, you will be provided with innovative tools and robust support for the key drivers of successful CRP implementation:

  • Strong Leadership Engagement
  • Highly Reliable CRP Processes
  • Respectful Patient Partnership
  • Support for Involved Providers as well as Impacted Patients and Families
  • Measurement Strategies & Tools

The PACT Collaborative is modeled on IHI’s Breakthrough Series (BTS) Collaborative. This systematic approach convenes healthcare organizations to test and measure practice innovations while sharing their experiences to accelerate learning and widespread implementation of best practices. Your experience will involve working together with other organizations who share your goals.

Participating in a Collaborative is an excellent foundational approach to creating long-term success. This method can help healthcare organizations accelerate work that is underway and plan for meaningful progress over time. However, it is important to note that the work of genuinely developing and embedding a Communication and Resolution Program is a multi-year process

The PACT Collaborative Experience

PACT Participants will attend six learning sessions over the course of a year. Learning Sessions are an excellent opportunity to experience the “All Teach, All Learn” dynamic of a Collaborative  as we create time for sharing successes among teams, interacting with faculty, learning about new changes to test, solidifying skills in the Model for Improvement, and team planning for the next action period. Five learning sessions will be highly interactive virtual sessions and one will be a simulation-rich in-person session. The five virtual learning sessions will each be presented over two half-days while the one in-person session will be presented over a single full day.

Between learning sessions, Collaborative Teams will enter action periods, focusing on implementation of the best practices introduced in the learning sessions, attending monthly check-ins with a smaller cohort within the Collaborative, and consulting with their assigned faculty coach. The PACT Collaborative also involves extensive shared learning among the participating organizations, building upon their experiences to date, which may occur during learning sessions and action periods.

Participation in the PACT Collaborative has given our organization the knowledge and tools required to develop our CRP.  The faculty and support staff are impressive and they have gone above-and- beyond to provide the professional support and guidance needed for our success. Participants selected by the PACT Collaborative faculty to enrich learning experiences were excellent and added depth and perspective to the numerous topics covered.  Abundant resources (handouts, video recordings, etc.) were readily available for immediate use. The virtual platform allowed true collaboration with other healthcare organizations and the technology worked flawlessly. I highly recommend participation in the PACT Collaborative to any organization desiring to embark on the development of a CRP or wanting to enhance an existing program.

Sharn Devun, MSN, RN, CPHQ, Director Risk Management, Hendrick Health