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Now is the time to launch or strengthen your organization’s CRP with the PACT Collaborative!

CRPs are gaining support and traction on the national stage with the recent President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) report naming CRPs as one of a few specific initiatives to transform patient safety, and the proposed CMS Patient Safety Structural Measure including a requirement that hospitals must attest to having “a defined, evidence-based CRP reliably implemented after harm events.” 

The 28 healthcare organizations that participated in initial waves of PACT have made great strides in hardwiring and CRP processes. Past participants have all reported progress in enhancing support programs for providers, patients, and families, improved timeliness of event reporting, strengthened event review with the patient and family narrative, developed communication coaching programs and more!

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Many healthcare organizations believe that the right way to bring healing and resolution to patients and families when an unexpected and unwelcomed outcome occurs, is through honest, open and on-going communication. However, achieving that goal requires providing their staff with the training, tools and on-going guidance they need to be successful. But organizations don’t have to build these resources alone. The PACT Collaborative can help any organization achieve success. Whether the organization is just beginning this important work, or is well on its journey, the resources provided by the PACT Collaborative are invaluable now, and will continue to be so into the future. Being a member of the PACT Collaborative also brings with it the fellowship and support of the PACT member organizations and their professional staff. Our job together has really just begun.

Larry L. Smith, JD, Vice President, Corporate Risk Management Services, MedStar Health

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