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Harvard Business Review: A Covid-19 Vaccine Will Need Equitable, Global Distribution

Rebecca Weintraub authored a piece in Harvard Business Review on why a COVID-19 vaccine, once available, will need equitable and global distribution.

Apr 2 2020
WBUR: Doctor Who Pioneered Handwashing In Hospitals On Defeating COVID-19

Ariadne Labs founder Atul Gawande speaks with WBUR’s Robin Young to discuss COVID-19, how to flatten the curve, and above all, how to protect healthcare workers.

Apr 1 2020
Boston Globe: We Must Have Those Serious Illness Conversations

Physicians from Massachusetts General Hospital wrote on the need for serious illness conversations, citing resources from Ariadne Labs.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Coronavirus has doctors reviewing their living wills. You should, too.

Op-ed by Jeffrey Millstein, a primary care physician on the need for serious illness care conversations, with a link to resources from Ariadne’s Serious Illness Care Program.

STAT: Lessons from a different war for preventing moral injury among clinicians treating Covid-19

A column by Rachel Smith, a clinical implementation specialist at Ariadne Labs, about the “moral injury” clinicians face, and how lessons from her own military training can offer support.

WBUR: Harvard OB-GYN: In Fast-Changing Landscape, Much To Learn About COVID-19 And Pregnancy

Dr. Neel Shah joined WBUR’s Morning Edition to discuss the pandemic’s affect on pregnancy.

Mar 31 2020
Boston Globe: ICU doctor shares heartbreaking impact of hospital visitor bans as coronavirus spreads

Dr. Daniela J. Lamas is interviewed about her heartbreaking experiences in the ICU of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Mar 30 2020
Fatherly: How COVID-19 Complicates Pregnancy — Even if You Don’t Have the Virus

Dr. Neel Shah’s perspective on the pandemic’s affect on pregnancy printed in Fatherly.

NBC News: Hospitals make room for coronavirus patients by trying to treat people at home

A look at an effort by Brigham and Women’s hospital to treat COVID-19 patients at home, which can be a model for future care, including an interview with Dr. David Levine.

Mar 28 2020
WNYC: New York State Will Allow Birthing Partners In Delivery Rooms Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Dr. Neel Shah spoke with WNYC about the state’s decision on birthing partners during the pandemic.