babycenter: Pregnancy and the coronavirus: Symptoms, social distancing, and staying calm

Dr. Asaf Bitton’s social distancing guidance is highlighted by babycenter.

Jul 9 2020
New York Times: Study Raises Concerns for Pregnant Women With the Coronavirus

Dr. Neel Shah comments on new data released on pregnant women hospitalizations during the pandemic.

Jun 25 2020
NEWS - Perspectives
FierceHealthcare: Industry Voices—COVID-19 intersects with the maternal health crisis and the opioid epidemic

Katie Barrett on how other health emergencies have largely been forgotten, despite the unfortunate reality that they are being exacerbated by the new crisis

May 27 2020
Roll Call: COVID-19 amplifies racial disparities in maternal health

Neel Shah comments on how COVID-19 has amplified inequities in maternal health

May 14 2020
Daily Beast: Are Pregnant Women Safe if They Catch the Coronavirus? New Research Raises Questions.

Neel Shah comments on the uncertainty of how COVID-19 affects maternal and fetal outcomes.

May 11 2020
ProPublica: She Made Every Effort to Avoid COVID-19 While Pregnant.

Dr. Neel Shah comments on the uncertainty of how coronavirus impacts pregnant women

May 5 2020
HSPH: Expectant parents, physicians, navigating fast-changing guidance on COVID-19 and pregnancy

A summary of Neel Shah’s recent work to help expecting parents, clinicians navigate COVID-19 and pregnancy

Apr 29 2020
WBUR: Major Boston Hospitals Now Require Virus Testing For Pregnant Patients Arriving To Give Birth

Neel Shah speaks to WBUR about Boston hospital policy to test pregnant patients prior to giving birth.

Apr 28 2020