COVID-19 and the Momentum for Better Maternal Health Care

This report is intended to provide a road map for health systems leaders to select where to invest in the near term to help bring these systems changes into reality.

Consumer Reports: Preparing to Give Birth During the Pandemic

Dr. Neel Shah comments on the challenges faced by pregnant people during COVID-19, and the policies needed for support and safety.

Nov 16 2020
Amani Bright

Amani Bright is a Project Coordinator on the Delivery Decisions Initiative (DDI) team, where she provides programmatic, research, and management support for the Nurse Impact and TeamBirth projects.

New York Times: Coronavirus May Increase Premature Births, Studies Suggest

Dr. Neel Shah comments on the need to prioritize and protect pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sep 17 2020
Self: Coronavirus Might Make Black Maternal Mortality Even Worse

Dr. Neel Shah comments on maternal health issues faced by Black women in the wake of COVID-19.

Aug 11 2020
New York Times: Black and Pregnant During Covid

Dr. Neel Shah highlights the maternal health challenges for Black pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aug 6 2020
NEWS - Perspectives
Fierce Healthcare: Industry Voices—COVID-19 has changed prenatal care. It’s critical to reassure patients

Dr. Neel Shah and his colleagues in FierceHealthcare on the importance of reassuring patients about the changes to prenatal care during the pandemic.

Jul 13 2020