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NEWS - Perspectives
STAT News: Narrowing the vaccine gap as boosters begin for people over 50

Rebecca Weintraub, Benjy Renton, and David Grabowski pen an op-ed published in STAT News on the need to continue efforts to close the COVID-19 vaccine gap.

Apr 1 2022
NEWS - Perspectives
Boston Globe: Wastewater monitoring must be used as a tool to mitigate future COVID surges

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub and Catherine Klapperich pen an op-ed in the Boston Globe on the need to use and improve upon wastewater COVID-19 monitoring to mitigate infection surges.

Mar 21 2022
WNYC: COVID Cases Resurge Globally Causing Fear of Another Wave

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub joins WNYC’s The Takeaway to discuss the recent surge in COVID-19 cases across the globe.

Mar 18 2022
ABC News: Rise in COVID-19 infections overseas may foreshadow increase in US, experts say

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub in ABC News on what wastewater data is telling us about the current COVID-19 situation and the continued importance of vaccines and boosters.

Mar 15 2022
NEWS - Perspectives
The Commonwealth Fund – The Dose: The Case for Investing in Primary Care

Dr. Asaf Bitton joins The Dose podcast from the Commonwealth Fund with host Shanoor Seervai to discuss what it will take to rebuild the nation’s broken primary care system.

Mar 11 2022
CBS Boston: ‘We All Need To Step Up’: Boston Doctors Teach Ukrainians How To Treat Wounds Of War

Dr. Eric Goralnick featured on WBZ in Boston on his work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to create training videos to treat trauma wounds in Ukraine.

Mar 7 2022
New York Times: Should You Still Wear a Mask?

Dr. Asaf Bitton in the New York Times on where, and when, you can safely take off your mask.

Mar 3 2022
PACT Collaborative Will Support 20 Health Care Organizations in Creating Highly Reliable Programs to Respond to Patient Harm

The PACT Collaborative, convened through a partnership between Ariadne Labs, the Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement (CAI), and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), today announced the launch of the first learning sessions of their Breakthrough Series Collaborative. PACT brings the nation’s foremost experts in Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs) together with health care organizations… Continue reading PACT Collaborative Will Support 20 Health Care Organizations in Creating Highly Reliable Programs to Respond to Patient Harm

US News & World Report: Doctors Can Be Key to Higher COVID Vaccination Rates

Julie Rosenberg in US News & World Report on the challenges to expanding primary care’s role in the vaccination effort.

Feb 28 2022
NEWS - Resources
Exemplars in Global Health: Costa Rica’s health success due to PHC – not because it’s a ‘crazy, magical place’

Exemplars in Global Health talk with Hannah Ratcliffe, Ariadne Labs’ former associate director of research for PHC, and Dr. Madeline Pesec, a PHC research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, about their research on the Costa Rican system and what lessons it could hold for other countries.

Feb 25 2022