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Ariadne Labs Joins with Star Legacy Foundation to Tackle the Heartbreaking Problem of Stillbirth

“Nothing could have been done.” That is often the response to the parents of the 24,000 stillborn babies in the United States every year.  But that is not the perspective of  Star Legacy Foundation, a 16-year-old 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing pregnancy loss and neonatal death and improving care for families who experience such… Continue reading Ariadne Labs Joins with Star Legacy Foundation to Tackle the Heartbreaking Problem of Stillbirth

Oct 5 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
Getting Smart: What Schools Can Learn from the NFL Vaccine Playbook

Dr. Asaf Bitton and Eric Tucker pen an op-ed on the need for a national school vaccine playbook.

The Daily Beast: Comedian Russell Brand Has Become a Powerful Voice for Anti-Vaxxers

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub speaks with The Daily Beast on the dangers of public figures sharing misinformation and the need to listen to experts.

Oct 4 2021
NEWS - Press Release
Amber Weiseth, DNP, RNC-OB to Lead Ariadne Labs’ Delivery Decisions Initiative

Amber Weiseth, DNP, MSN, RNC-OB, named the Director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative (DDI).

Oct 1 2021
A Q&A with Namita Seth Mohta, Director of the Serious Illness Care Program

Namita Seth Mohta, MD, director of the Serious Illness Care Program discusses her journey, experience, and vision for the program.

Sep 29 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
ABC News: Vaccine mandates work, but rollout will be a bumpy road for employers: Opinion

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub, John Brownstein, Ph.D., and Benjy Renton pen opinion piece for ABC News on employer vaccine mandates.

Sep 21 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Opinion: Ga. needs great leaders now in this COVID crisis

Julie Rosenberg on the need for strong leadership to overcome partisan standoffs and prevent more illness and death.

Sep 11 2021
Stanford Medicine: The Importance of Difficult Conversations: Implementing the Serious Illness Care Program

Clinicians at Stanford discuss their experiences with the Serious Illness Care Program and share powerful stories of patient care.

Sep 2 2021
Boston Globe: Booster shot rollout against COVID-19 is likely to differ from the first vaccine effort

Rebecca Weintraub on the need to vaccinate the unprotected population and prevent new variants.

Aug 28 2021