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Bridging the “know-do gap” by accelerating the uptake of the latest evidence to enable better decisions

Research shows the failure to deliver the care that we know how to deliver causes more harm than lack of access to care. Our mission is to enhance access and uptake of the latest evidence among health system leaders and providers, enabling better decisions, to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations. 

Better Evidence works closely with partners to ensure current and future health care providers and leaders around the world have access to the best evidence-based digital tools. The result is better medical care for all.

Being in a resource-limited setting, I try my best to provide what I can with what I have. With Better Evidence, I’m now more confident in my practice and in the care I deliver to patients. So even if I encounter a situation that is new or unfamiliar, I have a tool with me to offer the best care that I can.

– Provider in Kenya

“Almost every day, I adjust a diagnosis, dose, or follow up of a patient based on what Better Evidence offers me. Almost every day, I’m a better doctor for one of my patients, because I had access to UpToDate resources.”

– Provider in Mexico

Our Programs

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Vaccine Delivery

Supporting systems to deliver vaccines with speed, scale, and equity as supply and demand shift over time.


Our Impact & Influence

Health care providers serving vulnerable populations provided with access to digital tools annually across 140+ countries
Students and faculty eligible to access digital tools across 75 teaching facilities in Africa, supported by local Champions
Cases in Global Health Delivery available free on Harvard Business Publishing, training thousands of health system leaders
Health professionals trained through annual intensive summer programs in global health delivery

The Challenge

Health care providers and health system leaders can make better decisions when they have better information. But, keeping up with the latest information is a daunting task when more than 2.5 million new research articles are published annually. In limited-resource settings, decision makers and health providers often lack easy access to reliable information, yet they care for some of the world’s sickest patient populations. In these settings, the cost of evidence-based clinical resources can be nearly insurmountable, resulting in millions of patients facing inaccurate or delayed care every year.

Our Strategy

Access to digital tools for health care providers serving vulnerable populations

Training at medical schools to equip future generations with clinical evidence and help them integrate digital tools into practice

Educational teaching tools and articles to support health care leaders

Better Evidence for Providers & Training

Since 2009, Better Evidence has helped health care providers serving vulnerable populations gain access to digital tools, such as UpToDate—a leading evidence-based clinical resource—to ensure that they have the information needed to diagnose, treat, and advise their patients. To equip future generations with the latest clinical evidence and help them learn to integrate digital tools into practice, we launched a training program to bring these resources to African medical schools in 2015. We continue to study what works, the barriers, and what we can learn from use patterns to improve our approach and identify implications for public health.

Better Evidence for Health Care Delivery

For more than a decade, Better Evidence team members have been studying what works in health care delivery and how to implement strong systems. These lessons have been distilled into educational teaching tools and journal articles and shared with health care leaders through courses and outreach. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have leveraged what we have learned about health care delivery to support health officials and decision makers with the tools and evidence needed to allocate, distribute, verify, and generate demand for COVID-19 vaccines.


We work with providers, health care facilities, and medical schools across the world to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of care. Our dissemination of digital health tools is made possible through partnerships with Wolters Kluwer, Osmosis, and others. Partnerships play a key role in our efforts to support providers serving vulnerable populations and furthering Ariadne Labs’ mission of reducing suffering and saving lives.

Learn about our current partners and opportunities to partner with us: