Global leader in safe surgery

One out of 25 individuals worldwide will have surgery each year, despite significant risk, making it one of the most important health interventions people undergo in the course of their lives. Extensive research demonstrates that the lifesaving and transformative potential of surgery significantly improves with attention to communication, teamwork, operating room preparation and safety procedures.

Ariadne Labs has emerged as a global leader in the effort to standardize safety measures in operating rooms. The Safe Surgery Program remains our core program with the most visible global impact. The Safe Surgery Checklist developed by our founder Dr. Atul Gawande and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bill Berry was adopted in 2008 by the World Health Organization as the global standard of care. In a study of eight hospitals around the world, use of the checklist was shown to reduce surgical complications and mortality by 18 to 47 percent.

We estimate that it is used in at least 50 million of the 300 million operations done worldwide. The country of Scotland has documented more than 9,000 lives saved. Yet more work remains to disseminate the checklist in diverse settings.

Today, we collaborate with hospitals and medical facilities around the world to implement, evaluate and adapt the checklist.

Our effort to bring the Safe Surgery Checklist to every hospital in the United States, Safe Surgery 2015, was launched in South Carolina. Alongside this effort, our researchers are developing specialized safety checklists for ambulatory surgery centers, operating room crises and emergency rooms, all aimed at reducing errors and improving patient care.

Safe Surgery 2015
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