Effective and high-functioning primary health care systems serve as the day-to-day foundation for achieving and maintaining health of communities across the globe. Strong primary health care provides a first point of contact for addressing the majority of people’s health needs, and is people-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, and continuous over time. At Ariadne Labs, our research focuses on better measuring and understanding the key characteristics of effective primary health care service delivery systems in order to develop, test, and spread simple interventions to drive improvement.

Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI)
Support to the Joint Learning Network
Improving Care Management for High-Risk Patients in Estonia
Reforming Primary Health Care Service Delivery in China Through the China Health Study
Ariadne Labs PHC Team members

Dr. Asaf Bitton, Director of Primary Health Care
Dr. Lisa Hirschhorn, Affiliate Member, Ariadne Labs
Brooke Huskey, MPH, Program Manager
Hannah Ratcliffe, MSc, PHC Research Specialist


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